Work permit

Work permit

Are you planning to hire someone from outside the EU, or do you perhaps have an international student who you want to hire and need to change from a study permit to a work permit?

Regardless of the type of work permit, we help you and the applicant through the entire application process from the beginning and handle all documentation and communication with the relevant authorities and bodies.


Through our well-established and efficient process, you as a customer will only have contact with us.
The only document you need to sign is a power of attorney to us in your capacity as your representative in the application case.

With our network of experts & lawyers, we also help you if you have had your application rejected and decide to appeal. An appeal must be made within three weeks from the day the decision was made. Contact us well in advance.

We have the knowledge and experience of the application process for work permits. Through this experience, we know the pitfalls that exist that many, without their own fault, happen to end up in. We inform about and take into account what regulations and regulations exist and make sure that you do not end up in any of these pitfalls.

For example, we can help you with this

  • New application

  • extension application

  • Application when changing profession or employer

  • Extension application for a permanent residence permit

  • Posting in Sweden from abroad

  • International students can get help with track change

  • Consulting

We are certified

The Swedish Migration Agency has a fast queue for applications from certified companies. We are certified and can offer this fast queue to our customers. The Swedish Migration Agency's requirement for certified companies is to submit complete and correct applications, otherwise you can get rid of your certification. Therefore, we are careful in our assessment and handling of the case. The fast queue means a processing time at the Swedish Migration Agency of 10-20 working days, instead of 4-12 months in the regular queue.

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