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Are you one of those affected by the lack of skills in Sweden?

  • In 2017, 8 out of 10 managers stated that it is difficult to find the right skills

  • Sweden's IT industry is looking for "70,000 people in IT are needed in Sweden until the year 2022".

  • The public construction sector needs to recruit 50,000 people by 2023 alone to cover retirements.

Is there a solution?

There are an incredible number of good ideas and initiatives to reduce the skills shortage.

But, no matter how many investments are made, we will still be dependent on skills immigration.

There we can help!

We want to make it easier for Swedish companies to grow and avoid having to be hampered by a shortage of staff.

That is why we have chosen to also look for skills outside the EU's borders.

Our selection:


Recruitment - For those of you who do not find / have time to look for the right skills


Staffing - For those of you who have a short-term need or who want to test first


Work permit - For those of you who have already found a candidate who needs help with a work permit

Takes care of the whole

recruitment process


Broadens the range of

competent staff

Increases the chances of finding exactly what you are looking for


Computer engineer, developer (Java / HTML, Pyhton, .Net, Android), systems analyst and IT architects.


Masons, sheet metal workers, concrete workers, welders, mechanics and vehicle repairers.

Strengthens your innovative power and diversity

Let your business grow

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