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Frequently asked questions

  • Work permit, what is it?
    A Swedish work permit means that you are allowed to work and live in the country. The main rule is that you must apply for a permit before coming to Sweden. Exceptions exist when, for example, you already have a work permit and want to extend it. Then you can normally stay in the country and continue working until you receive your new decision. During the waiting period for the decision and if the current work permit has expired, you can apply for a D visa to be able to go on a business trip and temporarily have to travel out and into Sweden again.
  • What can you at Nordic Workforce help with?
    We are Migration Consultants and have many years of experience with the Swedish Migration Agency and submitting applications for work permits. We make sure to identify and inform about pitfalls that exist, and submit a complete and correct application to the Swedish Migration Agency. We can never guarantee that it will be a granted decision, but with hundreds of applications in the bag, we can mention that 98% of our applications are granted. The fact that our client group consists of 60% returning clients also shows that we know what we claim to know. It is important that you ask for help in time. Otherwise, there is a risk that we are currently fully booked and will not be able to help you with your work permit application. Contact us for a free evaluation of your particular case.
  • Can you help a person from outside the EU to look for work?
    We do not help with the actual job search or recruitment. We offer our help when the applicant and the employer agree on employment and need assistance with the work permit application process.
  • Can you bring the family to Sweden?
    They can, and a husband/wife/cohabitant/child counts as family. As a rule, children over 21 do not receive a permit as a family member, but must apply for their own residence permit. In order for the Migration Agency to be able to grant a permit for the family, it is required that the person who is going to work in Sweden meets the livelihood requirements that exist. We at Nordic Workforce help to assess this already in the free preliminary review of the case.
  • Oh, there are so many rules and exceptions in the application process!
    That is why our services are so appreciated. We are familiar with the Swedish Migration Agency's regulations and have extensive experience with the application process and can in most cases see a solution to how we can best handle the application process. We can also inform you about what is not allowed in this context and prevent you from unknowingly breaking any laws. If you work in Sweden without a permit and without being exempt from the requirement to have a work permit, you are breaking the law.
  • What should employers think about?
    As an employer, you have an obligation to check that the employee has a valid residence and work permit. In addition, you must notify the Swedish Tax Agency that you have employed someone from outside the EU. In our application process, we will provide more information about what you must consider as an employer, in order not to risk rejection in the future.
  • Can you change jobs and employers?
    If the employee during his first two years in Sweden on a work permit changes the type of position or employer, an application for this must be submitted to the Migration Agency. If in your second period, i.e. when you have worked between 2-4 years in Sweden, you only have to submit a special application to the Migration Agency if you change the type of job/service.
  • What requirements does the Swedish Migration Agency place on the applicant?
    In order to obtain permission to work in Sweden, the following requirements must be met. You need a valid passport. To get a work permit, you must be employed in Sweden. You must have an employment contract that you must attach to your application. You must have been offered a salary that is at least at the same level as Swedish collective agreements or what is common in the profession or industry You must be able to support yourself with your employment, which means that the salary is at least SEK 13,000 a month before tax. your employer intends to take out health insurance, life insurance, security insurance and occupational pension insurance for you when you start employment. If you do not meet the requirements above, it will be difficult for you to get a work permit. Ask your employer if the requirements are met and request a certificate. It is important that the requirements are met throughout the time you work in Sweden.
  • How long does it take to get a work permit?
    This depends, among other things, on the industry the company belongs to and whether the application requires investigation according to the Migration Agency's assessment. What can speed up the application is if all information and all relevant documents are attached to the application and the Swedish Migration Agency does not need to come back with a supplementary request. We also have the option of applying for priority access after a number of months that the application has been with the Migration Agency. Normally, first-time applications through Nordic Workforce take 3-6 months at the Migration Agency. Our preparation time before the application can be submitted is 2-4 weeks.
  • I submitted my first time application through the fast track. Why didn't I get a decision within 10 working days? I have now been waiting for 5 months.
    During 2022, we have noticed that the fast track did not work according to what the Migration Agency has committed to. Instead of a decision within the promised 10-20 working days, the decision time is up to 6-7 months, i.e. actually the same processing time as applies in the normal application track. The reasons mentioned by the authority have been the Ukraine crisis, sick staff, new rules that required more work for the administrators and reorganization. Let's hope that the fast queue will soon become a fast queue again.
  • How do I extend my work permit?
    This is applied for before your current permit expires. If you submit an extension application too late, it will usually be rejected and the applicant and family will have to leave the country. If you have sent in the application on time, you can work while you wait for the decision from the Swedish Migration Agency. In the case of an extension application, the Swedish Migration Agency investigates whether the employment you have had for the past 2 years meets the requirements. The salary must have been at the right level, you must not normally have been absent from work for more than a certain amount of time, you must have been covered by labor market insurance from the first day of work and the holiday withdrawal must have complied with the Holiday Act. We will of course help you review this.
  • Can I get a permanent residence permit through a work permit?
    Yes, you can get a permanent residence permit in Sweden if you have had a work permit for at least 48 months and your working time fulfilled at least 44 approved months.
  • Can asylum seeker apply for a work permit?
    If your application for asylum is rejected, you can apply for a work permit within a certain time without having to leave Sweden. In order for this to comply with the regulations, there are requirements that must have been met. We can inform you more about this.
  • What should an employment contract contain?
    Employer's name and employee's name and address Entry date Where the employee will perform the work. Job duties, professional title. Which form of employment, permanent, for a limited time or trial employment. If it is for an indefinite period, there must be notice periods. If you apply trial employment for 6 months, you only get a work permit for 6 months. The Swedish Migration Agency is strict about this. Starting salary and possibly other benefits How often the salary must be paid and which salary periods apply Conditions for vacation and any advance vacation Whether the employer is affiliated to a collective agreement or not Conditions for jobs abroad if the stationing is intended to be longer than one month. Which insurances the employer has taken out for its employees, both contractual insurances and any other insurances.
  • What does the employer need to do in the application process?
    The employer's part in the application process is, among other things, to indicate which conditions shall apply to the employment. If you have hired us for the application process, we will send you a list of questions that you need to answer, then we will contact the relevant trade union to get their opinion on the employment. As an employer, you do not have to be connected to public transport, but it facilitates the process if you are. After the union has given its opinion, it is time to start the last step, the applicant's part of the application.
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